At J & J Lepera, we understand the difference that quality makes. We operate with all newly purchased heavy construction equipment that is guaranteed to get the job done right. 

Dozer CAT D6N XL
Capacity: 120kW

Dozer CAT D6K2
Capacity: 80kW

Dozer JD 650K
Capacity: 60kW

Roller CAT CS54
Capacity: 13000kg

Grader JD 570A
Capacity: 11500kg

Grader CAT 12M2AWD
Capacity: 17000kg

Loader CAT 930K
Capacity: 100kW

Loader CAT 938K
Capacity: 125kW

Loader JD 624K-II
Capacity: 125kW

Backhoe CAT 420F2IT
Capacity: 60kW

Track Loader Bobcat T650
Capacity: 1800kW

Track Loader Bobcat T750
Capacity: 1800kw

Excavator CAT 308E2 CRSB
Capacity: 6000kg

Excavator CAT 320EL RR
Capacity: 19500kg

Excavator CAT 325FL
Capacity: 26500kg

Excavator CAT 336EL
Capacity: 32000kg

Excavator CAT 352FL
Capacity: 55000kg